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fika+ Food Loyalty Card: New for 2024

Our Health and Sustainability promise: if you don't enjoy your food, it's on us

All you have to do is get your hands on our new food loyalty cards. And you'll get a huge 50% off your sixth visit - then you can start again with a new food loyalty card - as many as you like. Running until at least March 2024. T&C's apply.

As an added incentive to come give us a try, particularly if you're giving Veganuary* a try, we've also got a new fika+ breakfast menu from 9-12 each day. Sample of what'll be on offer below:

PS: we like to focus on the health and sustainability of our menu. Therefore, we don't actively promote all our food and drink as plant-based. And some of our lovely customers didn't even know, at first ......

*We are running the fika+ food loyalty card through to March - and who knows, even beyond.

Full breakfast menu will be live soon - simple example overview below

Breakfast Menu: Served 9 - 12

Full English: scrambled eggs*, sausage, baked beans, black pudding, mushrooms, hashbrown, tomato, sourdough toast (* swap for a poached "egg" £3) £12

Sausage Bap: choice of ‘faux’ meat or spicy bean £5

Cheese Toastie: a delicious smoky cheddar, optional sliced tomatoes and/or onions just ask £5

Porridge: topped with a combination of fika+ berry jam, seeds, peanut butter and banana £7

Specials of the day – please ask

Health, Sustainability and Plant-Based Myths

Keep an eye out for a few blog posts throughout the next few months..

Protein - keep calm, it's all a load of nonsense

We'll be covering this subject in detail within a blog (soon). For the moment - don't panic. Unless you are an elite sports person where your livelihood and success can be influenced by the smallest of margins - chill. You definitely don't need to worry about a) how much protein you're eating, b) when you eat protein, and c) the source of protein.

Quite simply - if you have a varied diet (whether you're plant-based or not) then you really don't need to worry about eating enough protein. And you don't need to worry about the source of your protein - see below.

At a physiological level - your body (digestive system) does not care and nor can it distinguish an amino acid that's 'come' from a slice of bacon versus a kidney bean.

There's been so much focus on protein because protein sells - which is clearly visible with the explosion of ultra-processed foods that take great effort to make sure PROTEIN is prominent on the packaging. There's a general rule of thumb for any food/drink that is marketing (making) a health claim - it will be unhealthy. Protein bars are essentially just 'normal' cereal/biscuit/chocolate bars with lots of sugar, sweeteners, fats etc BUT with some type of processed protein added. And we'll all pay a lot extra for the 'healthy protein'.

There is an irony to be found in consuming UPF added protein products, because it's normally for a health reason we are choosing these products (conned into thinking we need this protein and believing the 'bar' or powder is good for us). However, if we compare a regular Snickers bar to a protein Snickers bar there's a mind-boggling number of ingredients (20+) in the protein version, versus the 'simpler' regular bar (we'll expand on this in the full blog - soon). And then there's the cost.....We're paying for extra (very cheap) processed protein isolates.


In Summary

Eat whole foods, your body and wallet - and ultimately - your wellbeing will benefit.

Keep your eye out for the detailed blog article.

T & C's

We reserve the right to stop the food loyalty card and discount at any time. You can only use one food loyalty card per visit, and is limited to two people per visit. You can ask for another card when you have used up all visits on your card (subject to availability). The food loyalty card cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.

To take advantage of the food loyalty card and discount at each visit all we request is a first name, email address or mobile number and the first part of your post code.

IMPORTANT points to note:

  1. If you aren't enjoying your food - and want to 'activate' our promise (food on us) - you must inform us before finishing all of your food, and

  2. You will need to provide us with the above personal details.

We may ask for the full cost of your food - should either of these two conditions not be met.

We reserve the right to refuse the use of the food loyalty card without reason - although that will be for exceptional circumstances, such as rude and abusive behaviour to our lovely team.

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