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Our Story

We've just updated this after very nearly 24 months of having fika+ on Chester's historic City Walls – just a little context for you.

We opened fika+ because we love cafes (and pubs etc) where you can just chill and talk, you know good old fashion conversation. This experience is enhanced with lovely drinks and food. In our humble opinion (for what it's worth) modern life can be artificial and impersonal (and let's face it – false). The mobile phone has made us both physically and mentally lazy. Coupled with social media this has created a false virtual and polarised world.


We are all on this planet for such a short period of time – and in our last moments of reflection we can guarantee it won't be that lovely Instagram photo you touched up or the number of followers or likes you got. It won't be the £30,000 car you got on finance or the £300 (or the 30 items for £10) item of clothing you bought. It will be about the things you did or didn't do – the experiences you've had. And most importantly those who you share these with.

Evening at fika+
F18 taking off!
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